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aelfUnion is a global gathering of blockchain enthusiasts, leaders, innovators, developers, institutions and corporations. The community will act as a catalyst for the growth and prosperity of the aelf blockchain by developing new business opportunities, driving industry adoption, and promoting learning and collaboration.

Guided by forward-looking industry leaders who share a common goal – the advancement of the aelf ecosystem, we look forward to providing guidance, support, and stewardship to businesses and users navigating the realms of blockchain and emerging technologies.

About Us


Bridging the gap between blockchain technology and the real world needs of users and businesses, forging a robust community through the power of consensus

What We Do

aelfUnion stands as the cornerstone of the aelf ecosystem, propelling its growth. Rooted in the essence of decentralization, we're committed to fostering robust advancements in aelf's public chain technology and ecosystem across diverse channels.
Community Building
Working together to shape the future of aelf and its ecosystem

aelfUnion will play a key role in building up a vibrant community for aelf. Members of aelfUnion will find themselves to be a part of an inspirational community that is actively shaping the future of aelf through different initiatives, events, and activities, while also contributing to the governance process.

Towards a decentralized Web3 era

aelfUnion has a decentralized governance process that aligns with the vision of the future Web3 era, which not only enhances transparency across the aelf ecosystem, but also ensures that every decision we make is fair and equitable.

Enterprise Programs
Innovation-driven blockchain solutions for enterprises

aelfUnion will be collaborating with companies globally to explore the potential of aelf’s technology in the application of business-oriented products and solutions. We are committed to providing enterprises with targeted blockchain solutions to help them stay competitive in the digital economy.

Leverage the full potential of the aelf mainnet

Our team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive support to help enterprises understand and harness the unique advantages of the aelf mainnet. This encompasses its innovative cross-chain collaboration design, efficient multi-sidechain architecture, and a rich array of ecosystem tools. With high data security and privacy, enterprises can confidently capitalize on and unlock the full potential of the dynamic aelf ecosystem.

aelf Blockchain

A Next-Gen, Blockchain System for the Web3 Era

Tailored blockchain for the digital economy

aelf offers a powerful blockchain network specifically designed for the digital economy. Boasting a main-chain coupled with multiple side-chains, its architecture allows developers to seamlessly deploy and run dApps, ensuring optimal resource allocation and usage.

Furthermore, aelf can effortlessly handle high-frequency transactions, thanks to its advanced parallel computing and consensus mechanism. Its cross-chain technology further ensures smooth interoperability and value transfer between various chains.

Robust governance and developer resources

Understanding that distinct business environments require varying governance structures, aelf brings forth diverse governance models, encompassing parliamentary, universal, and association governance. To foster sustainable and organic system growth, aelf has instituted comprehensive incentive schemes. Additionally, aelf's sophisticated IDE tools streamline the development, testing, and deployment processes for developers.

Contributing to Decentralized Governance

As a block producer for the aelf mainnet, aelfUnion plays an important role in facilitating the following:

  • Ensuring network security
  • Augmenting consensus decision-making
  • Maintaining nodes on sidechains to ensure optimal performance
  • Fostering network stability


A new chapter for aelf

more than just a blockchain network

aelf embodies the ethos of decentralization. Acting on this conviction, it has pioneered its very own DAO and launched a global initiative to recruit new members.

aelf TMRWDAO is on a mission to onboard 20 global nodes

Whether they represent renowned global organizations or are distinguished individuals with impeccable credentials, these 20 torchbearers each epitomizing excellence in diverse fields, are poised to shape pivotal aelf ecosystem strategies, propelling it to unparalleled heights.

DAO represents a pivotal evolution in blockchain technology

Eschewing conventional centralized governance, it champions a more democratic, transparent decision-making process. Within a DAO, every member's voice is weighted by their contribution or stake, guiding the collective trajectory.

The inception of aelf TMRWDAO symbolizes an invitation for a broader community to co-author aelf's illustrious journey

Primary Goals of aelf TMRWDAO

Ecosystem Development

Identify, support, and champion high-potential projects within the aelf ecosystem.

Technical Validation

Ensure network security by managing block production and validating transactions.

Cross-chain Development

Establish partnerships with other blockchain entities to promote aelf’s interoperability and alignment with industry standards.

Community Building

Spearhead community development, foster consensus, create platforms for active interaction and collaboratively drive the expansion and success of the aelf ecosystem.

DAO Governance

Oversee the submission, discussion, and voting of community proposals, ensuring that they align with aelf's mission and values.

Capital Raising

Oversee fundraising efforts to secure the growth and financial stability of the aelf ecosystem.


aelfUnion has introduced ELFU as the native token of the organization, which will be used to empower holders in our pursuit of a holistic and inclusive community, where members can actively engage in the decision-making process and safeguard the interest of the overall group. Membership bestows perks like early and exclusive access to private sales, airdrops and dividends from ecosystem projects, VIP event access, priority beta-testing, and more aelfUnion privileges.

Token Allocation

Ecosystem: 8%
Private Sale: 3%
Staking Rewards: 52.5 %
Enterprise Development: 15.5%
Community Development: 11%
Team: 5%
Foundation: 5%

$0.001 ELFU

Initial Price

10 Billion Total Supply

Market Cap

Contract Address

0x43a45d34912b25c542329915cb46db4cfa281dd9 View on Bscscan